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Flood, Water Damage, leaks?
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Owning a home comes with water damage risks. Flooding can be not only frustrating and time consuming, but also harmful to your health. It only takes a few hours for water damage to begin causing bacterial odor and just one day for colonies of fungus to begin to grow. When standing water is in your home due to a flood, broken pipe, or water overflow, call EE Cleaning immediately to prevent the effects of water damage. With 24/7 emergency services, EE Cleaning can be at your doorstep when disaster strikes.   Our team will begin a thorough water removal and dry out of any type of water damage.   EE Cleaning also has capabilities to restore your carpet back to it’s original condition.

What to do when you have a leak

  1. Stop the water source
  2. Rescue your furniture quickly by elevating it off the floor or moving out of the water saturated area
  3. Stay safe by turning off circuit breakers to avoid any electric shock
  4. Unplug and remove electric devices
  5. Call EE Cleaning –   24/7 +1 (719) 231-6347

The EE Cleaning team will fully assess the situation and walk you through the entire water extraction process.   We will work with your insurance company to make sure all your needs are taken care of from start to finish

Using Us, Just Makes Sense

Our method puts you and your home first. Using the latest and most innovative truck-mount machines and equipment, the EE Cleaning team is able to remove all existing water from your carpets quickly and cost effectively. We will   inspect your carpet backing and pad and minimize any risk of long-term damage effects. Our efficient team takes great strides to keep your belongings, furniture and the rest of your house in good shape.

In the event of a water leak inside your home, speed is the most critical factor, but drying is a close second.   EE Cleaning assures our work by putting extra time into the drying process to prevent any mildew or antibacterial growth, as well as secondary water damage. Our tools and technicians are also able to get into any tight places that could be hard to reach to ensure all water is removed.

EE Cleaning guarantees the most exceptional quality of work and communication throughout the entire process. The EE Cleaning specialists will inform you on every move they make including any additional education you may want or need. Your trust in us is our first priority; so when you are in a water leak or flood predicament, call EE Cleaning first. We’ll have you back in your home quickly and comfortably.

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