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Water Damage Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs Flooding

Flooding is a huge inconvenience for your business and employees.Standing water and water damage can also be harmful to your health and the health of your employees. It only takes a few hours for water damage to begin causing bacterial odor and just one day for colonies of fungus to begin to grow. When your business has flooding, a broken pipe, or water overflow, water extraction, a quick clean up is a necessity. EE Cleaning has a 24/7 emergency response team. Our professionally trained technicians will get to your business at any hour on any day to begin a thorough removal and dry out of any excess water. EE Cleaning is also able to take measures to restore your carpet to it’s original condition.


EE Cleaning guarantees the highest quality of work and communication throughout the entire process. Our team keeps constant open lines of communication with anyone involved and will fully assess the situation with you or your employees. The EE Cleaning technicians walk through the entire process so you feel absolutely confident in our water removal work. No matter the size of your problem, we ensure a successful completion of work that fits with your timeline and schedule.

EE Cleaning recognizes cost control is a focus of any business. We use the latest and most innovative truck-mount machines and equipment, which enables us to remove all water damage to your carpets quickly and cost effectively. EE Cleaning assures our work by putting extra time into the drying process to prevent any mildew or antibacterial growth, as well as secondary water damage. Our tools, technicians and portable capabilities are able to get into those tight, high or awkward places that could be hard to reach to ensure all water is removed and damage is avoided.



Your trust in EE Cleaning is our first priority. When your business is in a water or flood predicament, call EE Cleaning first. We will work with your team and insurance company for any of our water removal services and work quickly to get you back to business.