Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a cleaning or get an estimate on my carpet cleaning?

We are equipped to schedule a cleaning or estimate by phone, or email whatever works best for you. Our estimates are 100% free of charge, and our team is well equipped to walk your home or office and offer professional advice and education on the job you need done. We work as best as possible to accommodate last minute cleanings, and will assist you to work with what works with YOUR schedule for cleaning.

Are our technicians trained and licensed?

Our background checked, certified technicians provide the best service possible, having being pre informed on what the job may need, are ready to tackle the job at hand.

Do you offer moving of furniture?

YES- we realize that sometimes our clients want a complete clean of the entire room, and we are well equipped to handle the task. We move basic furniture at your request, (light tables, lamps, plants, chairs etc) at your request , but for larger pieces, ie dressers, beds, nightstands etc, we want to make sure your property is moved safely, and a second person may be needed, which would inquire an additional fee.

Some carpet cleaners guarantee pet treatments do you?

We will treat areas affected to the best of our ability, but due to the nature of pet urine and pet stains, there may be more to the damage to the flooring than a simple carpet cleaning ANYONE can fix. We do however offer carpet repair, pad replacement and subfloor treatment. You can expect 100% honesty and a through inspection before you pay for any service.

If it can’t be cleaned, can it be fixed?

Yes it can! Because your carpet may be beyond cleaning, we can offer simple and effective alternatives such as patching, stretching and pad and carpet replacement.

We cleaned your carpets and a stain or treated area came back, what now?

Do not worry, we will be back within 24 hours to examine and treat anything that might have come back.   Sometimes stains and traffic areas hide themselves after the first cleaning, which we try to avoid, but due to chemistry, are undetectable, but we will return 100% free of charge to make sure we have done everything we can to insure your satisfaction.

My home has flooded, what do I do??

Call us ASAP- We are certified and licensed in water restoration and water extraction and can remove the water and dry the areas, as well as prevent future microbial growth to save you future expense and damage! We are on call 24/7 for this type of service, and will treat your home and business with up-most care during this type of emergency.   We also have relationships with rebuild companies, assuring that you return to normality as soon as possible!

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