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Did you know that dirty carpet in a business can cause indoor air pollution 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside? Carpet traps dirt particles, dust, dander and odors every day. The carpet in your business entrance could gain up to 24 pounds of allergens inside its’ fibers within 500 customers coming in and out, increasing risk of allergies and potentially asthma of customers or employees.

Clean carpet acts as a filter to trap and reduce airborne allergens, which in turn improves air quality in your place of business. Give EE Cleaning a call and schedule a free estimate with our professionally trained technicians.   The EE Cleaning technicians will strategically work alongside your team, assuring excellent communication, and provide you an informative assessment of your location and a recommendation of the most efficient solution to your carpet problems.   Our team will work closely with you and your employees to minimize any disruptions concerning your business.   In most cases, just one carpet cleaning can reduce the accumulation of allergens such as fungi, bacteria and dust mites by more than 90%.

Carpet cleaning can improve your business environment for your employees and customers. Regular maintenance and cleaning of carpets can reduce the risk of indoor asthma and allergies, as well as ensure healthy carpet free from unwanted contaminants. Clean carpet prevents mold growth, even at high temperatures and humidity, since the fungi has nothing to feed off of. Keep your carpets clean with frequent certified cleaning to avoid antibacterial growth in your business. Regular carpet cleaning prolongs the life and aesthetic of your carpet. Regularly maintained carpets are also cost effective for your business. EE Cleaning recommends getting your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months to keep it looking impressionable, prolong its life, improve air quality and prevent unwanted growth or inhabitants.

EE Cleaning is a full service carpet cleaner and can tackle any project large or small.   From retail businesses, to office buildings, to multiple unit apartment buildings, EE Cleaning has you covered.   Our team is available 24/7 and will work with your schedule.

Confined spaces? High-traffic areas? Studies have shown that only 10% of dirt and dander is removed from business entrances with a vacuum cleaner. Let EE Cleaning take care of your dirty work and give you successful results. We only work with the highest of standards, ensuring your carpet is healthy and clean by using our certified and state-of-the-art methods and materials. Our top rated machines are able to get hard-to-reach places that may not get cleaned regularly.

Why Choose EE Cleaning?

EE Cleaning’s strength is in our attention to detail, meaning we only use the best in both our tools and our staff. Using low-quality products may cause stick residue on the carpet that attracts soil faster. Our materials are high quality and friendly to the environment, but tough on stains. Our truck-mount and portable machines can handle any job, even tile , grout and confined areas. Our team is professionally trained and knowledgeable, sensitive to any allergies or concerns of your customers and always prompt.

Our promise to you is to work quickly, effectively and courteously and get your companies’ carpet looking flawless. We respect each space we work in by using guards, wearing shoe covers, working with your schedule after hours or on weekends and providing the quickest drying time so you and your employees can get to business without interruption. We guarantee your satisfaction with clean and healthy carpet, no matter the project. Take a look at the carpet services we offer alongside our other commercial cleaning services and let us know what we can do for you!

  • Spot and stain removal
  • Traffic area rejuvenation
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Full certified carpet service
  • Tile/VCT cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Carpet repair
  • Carpet stretching

Our carpet cleaning prices are competitive and depend on the size ands scope of the project.   Call EE Cleaning to schedule your free on-site estimate. As an all-inclusive cleaning service provider, we also offer discounted pricing for multiple services including window cleaning, full office cleaning or water extraction.

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